POSTER SET with case



ポスターセット "POSTER SET with case"



N's YARDのロゴの入ったオリジナルポスターを1セット(合計11枚)でお届けします。ポスター画像内の「SAMPLE」文字は、実際商品には記載されておりません。

"POSTER SET in case" details:
313163 Dead of Night
313161 Blankey
313160 In the Milky Lake Thinking One
313162 Let's Talk About Glory
313165 Dream Time
313164 Midnight Truth
313168 News
313166 Young Mother
313167 Should I Go?
313159 The Little Star Dweller
313158 Sorry Couldn't Draw the Left Eye!

"POSTER SET in case"

This is a great set.You can usually buy a poster set of 19245 yen for 19000 yen.
Without case is here.

Body size: B2 (728 x 515mm), B3 (364mm x 515mm)
Material: high-grade printing paper
Individual packaging: with poster case (made of craft paper)
Exterior total weight: 1600g
Number of sheets:11(11 posters, 11 paper cases)
Original posters with N's YARD logo will be delivered in one set. The word "SAMPLE" in the poster image is not actually printed on the product.
Packing: One poster at a time will be delivered in a poster case (only one sheet will be packed in a paper tube). Therefore, 11 paper tubes(poster case) will be delivered.

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