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N's YARD オフィシャルオンラインショップで展開しているすべての缶バッジセットです。非売品のN's YARDオリジナル缶バッチがひとつおまけでつきます。


Set details:
CB3139007762011-S Dog
CB3139007772010 "Twin Tail" olive
CB3139007782019 "Twin Tail" grey
CB3139007792018 "Twin Tail" orange
CB3139007702017 "Life is Only One!" white
CB3139007712016 "Life is Only One!" yamabuki
CB3139007722015 "Hitler Bad! I'm Good!" muscat
CB3139007732014 "Hitler Bad! I'm Good!" grape
CB3139007752012 "I Love You" green
CB3139007742013 "I Love You" red
CB3139007862018 Kokeshi
CB3139007802014 Missing in Action
CB3139007832011 Pyromaniac Day
CB3139007852019 Sparrow
CB3139007842010-B Dog
CB3139007822012 Sleepless Night
3136141 Pointing
3136142 Kitty
3136143 Love and Peace
3136144 Standing Alone
3136135 Aviators Girl
3136145 World Peace
3136146 "Dream Time" face
3136147 "Dream Time" dog
3136148 Under the Bed Sheets
3136136 Harmless Kitty
CB3136138 Rock You
CB3136137 Peacock the Ambassador
3136139 Kids Are Alrightl!
3136140 Nobody's Perfect

body size:W40×H40×D5mm,material:Tinplate,OPP plastic bag
We choose works that can be enjoyed from various ages.You can enjoy it by putting it on bags, clothes, pouches.Please be careful as the needle sticks to the back.

N's YARD This is a set of all badges available at the official online shop. One free N's YARD original tin badge is included.