This is an English-only inquiry form for N's YARD OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOP.If your cart is difficult to understand in Japanese on the system, please feel free to contact us using this form. Please be assured that the settlement from the form will not be completed.

ORDER FORM in English

 Please be sure to check here for other precautions.



Important matter


Not accepted


1.By Paypal

Paypal settlement fee 4% will be charged.You can easily complete the payment by email.
You can use it without a PayPal account.
When you receive an order by e-mail, you will receive an invoice via PayPal with an additional shipping charge.

Flow after clicking the send button

We will get back to you within 1-7 business days after confirmation.
This email is not an order confirmation email.
Please be assured.

We will send you an email with details such as shipping fee

Send invoice by email via Paypal.



If you do not pay in 7 days, it will be canceled automatically.

Verify your identity  

2.By bank transfer



 Payment method for orders by email is bank transfer.

 Customers are responsible for transfer fees such as remittance fees and exchange fees.

 Deposit is in yen(JPY).

 Please check the USER GUIDE.

 When we receive your email, we will reply with an invoice attached and tell you shipping fee.

 The transfer record will be a receipt.

 If the amount is different, we will refuse to receive it from the bank. 

Important matter

 For transactions over 200,000 yen, an export filing agency fee of 3000 yen will be charged.


 There is a 10% handling fee for overseas shipping.

We will reply within 1-7 business days. If you do not receive a reply from us, we are sorry, but please email us again.


send this→reply(with shipping fee)→Payment etc.→ Verification of payment information→send your product→email to you with tracking number→finish

The weight of the carton is added to the weight calculation.

 Share inventory with online shop carts. Please forgive it in the unlikely event that it is out of stock.



We do not accept the follwing,
・Specifying a shipping address different from the buyer's address(To prevent unauthorized use of credit cards)
・Bundled after ordering
・Change item
・add to
・Change delivery address
・Gift wrapping
・Cancellation after shipping
・Cancellation after payment

If necessary, please order from the form again. For other prohibited items, please check each paragraph.Please cooperate in order to prevent incorrect delivery.