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N's YARD OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOPは、ご購入いただきましたお客様のもとに安全に届け、安心して快くご利用いただけるよう日々つとめさせていただいております。また、作家とN's YARD商品の知的財産権の保護にもつとめています。





当社ウェブサイトの全てのコンテンツその他当ショップに関する知的財産権(著作権、商標権、特許権その他一切の知的財産権(それらの権利を取得し、またはそれらの権利につき登録等を出願する権利を含みます)は、全て当社または奈良美智(以下「作家」といいます) に帰属し、当該権利は、関連する国内法及び国際法によって保護されています。




当ショップにおいて提供する書籍を除く商品は、N’s YARD施設内ショップまたは当ショップでのみ常設販売しており、国内外において、他のいかなる施設またはオンラインショップによる販売も原則行なっておりません。当ショップにおいて提供する商品が他施設で限定的に販売される場合、N’s YARD施設ウェブサイト(「」)において告知するものとします。




N's YARD OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOP is delivered safely to customers who have purchased it, and we strive every day so that we can use it comfortably and with peace of mind. We also protect the intellectual property rights of writers and N's YARD products. Therefore, if you find any products in our shop that are unsafe, uncomfortable, or may violate our terms of service in stores other than our shop or in the Internet market, please report them here.

・ High-priced resale at art shops, auctions, flea markets, etc.
・ Fraud or other criminal acts against other customers or other third parties of this shop
・ Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights, other rights and interests of other
customers or other third parties of this shop, etc.
・ Playing, copying, processing, copying, selling (resale) or using other contents such as this website or product image, product list, product description, price, page layout, page design, trademark, logo and other contents.
The above acts are prohibited by the terms of use. Other than the above, there is a possibility of fake products that are suspected. If you have such a product, please do not purchase it and report it. Thank you for your cooperation.

The information received from customers will be used to improve the service of our shop and to ensure the rights of writers and the safety of products in accordance with the personal information protection policy.

Infringement of rights under domestic and international law

All contents of our website and other intellectual property rights related to this shop (copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and all other intellectual property rights (the right to acquire those rights or apply for registration etc. for those rights) All belong to the Company or Yoshitomo Nara (hereinafter referred to as "writer"), and the rights are protected by the relevant domestic and international laws.

Purchasing a product does not grant the purchaser any copyright or other intellectual property rights to the product.

All acts such as copyright registration and trademark registration application that may conflict with the intellectual property rights of our company or the author are prohibited.

It is prohibited to use all the contents of our website for commercial or other purposes.

Products other than books provided at this shop are permanently sold only at the N's YARD facility shop or this shop, and in principle, they are not sold at any other facility or online shop in Japan or overseas. If the products offered at this shop are sold exclusively at other facilities, we will notify you on the N's YARD facility website ("").

Reproduction and sale of products and manufacture and sale of counterfeit products infringe the intellectual property rights of the writer and damage the writer's honor and credibility, so all acts are prohibited.

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