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Please be sure to read the terms of service before purchasing.

・If you live in abroad and we send aboroad(your countory) is tax free.
・If you order from overseas and deliver it domestically (Japan), you will be taxed.
・For transactions over 200,000 yen, an export filing agency fee of 3000 yen will be charged.
Wrapping is not available at this online shop, such as gifts and small bags with our logos (limited to purchase at the facility), small bags without our logos, and original logo stickers attached.Not even paid.Product packaging with materials (air caps, plastic bags, etc.) for the purpose of cushioning during delivery.
・In our store, we may reuse used cardboard when we have a specially shaped packing size due to purchases with different product sizes. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the reuse of materials.

・Shipping is by weight (body weight + weight of packing cardboard).


About foreign shipping and shipping fee

Shipping fee will vary depending on weight. We will ship by Japan Post from Japan Tokyo.You can not specify the date and time.
Please contact the consignee Japan Post for delivery status.

※Price display without tax

Unlike domestic shipping, shipping costs include packing materials and shipping  administration fees for overseas shipping.

For delivery to people living abroad, the tax-included amount will be displayed in the system, but it will actually be changed to a non-taxable amount and settled.

In the case of overseas shipment, we will contact you by e-mail after shipping your order (we will not display in the cart).

Shipping fee is prepaid only. It will be shipped after payment of the product price ? shipping cost is completed.

We will also ship the item packing for purchase purchase with the smallest possible mouth as much as possible.

In addition, if you buy more than 2 mouths, you will be charged one extra shipping fee per one bottle.

One poster will be charged per poster. Poster will be shipped with one mouth piece (it will only enter one piece in the packing box for wrinkle prevention).
We will charge 1 shipping cost per piece.

In addition to posters and posters, buying purchase will be 2 mouths so we will charge for shipping fee for 2 cases.

Products with stock will be shipped within 5 days from the shortest same day (next day arrival) after completion of settlement.

We will guide you by e-mail together with the inquiry number after shipment completes.

We will treat the weekday business day as 12 o'clock as the date change line, orders after 12 o'clock will be treated the next day.

Change after order confirmation,Cancel,Bundled with another order is not basically accepted.

In the case of returned goods, exchange, and shipping address change by customer convenience, a uniform fee of 1000 yen will be charged.

Credit card payments due to TAX FREE, additional shipping charges, etc. will be changed at the end of the month. Please check the payment month.
In addition, please note that it will be direct exchange such as bank transfer if the amount change of the card settlement company is not possible for some reason, and it will be shipped after the settlement is completed.

About product

Because of the characteristic of viewing on the monitor, the image of the product may differ slightly from the actual color but please understand. I will not treat the color of the image as my deficiency. For those who want to know more about color etc. please contact us before purchase.

When the condition of the returned item is significantly different from the time of shipment or damage due to packing is noticeable due to defective packaging, we may not be able to accept returned goods.

In case of incompleteness due to inferior goods, breakage of goods, size difference, etc., our incompetence, we will bear the postage at our shop. Customer's shipping cost / refund fee in case of return of goods will be borne by the customer.

If there is a defect in the product by any chance, please return it by mailing cost cash on arrival by e-mail, telephone or fax within 7 days after the item arrives. I will send you a new item as soon as possible (in case it is out of stock, I will refund it).

T-shirts may have blur, blur, etc. on the nature of printing method, but please understand that it is not defective.

Please note that bags are subject to stitching due to the thickness of the fabric, but we will make them as good products. - It is the original color of the material. The black tsububu of the product of production is a fragment (cotton seed) of the plant. Please note that the texture of the fabric will differ slightly depending on the origin of production, harvest time, storage environment unlike the product being dyed.

Handmade goods and products based on natural materials differ slightly in texture, so exactly the same thing does not exist. We do not accept returns / exchanges for those reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

About purchase number

We will set the maximum number of purchases per person for each product so that more people can use it at this shop. We appreciate your understanding, we appreciate your understanding.

Poster   1 piece per type
Candles   2 pieces per type
Can, mug, T-shirt, pin batch, creation tote bag (small)   3 pieces per type
Can batch, mirror, Pocket bag, memo pad, note, file, masking tape, card, sticker     5 pieces per type  

About payment

Payment methods for foreign shipping are as follows.

Credit card VISA, Master Card, DINERS, JCB, AMEX credit cards are available.

Internet Bank Transfer Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank, Shumishin SBI Net Bank,Paypal are available.

Bank transfer (prepayment) Please write YES in Bank transfer (Only overseasas) in the shopping cart. We will contact you with the payee's invoice amount by e-mail. After payment is confirmed, it becomes product shipment.
※ Bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Customs duties may apply depending on the country. In addition to the product price and shipping fee, we will charge a total of 5000 JPY for the exchange handling fee and the targeted remittance fee.


All inquiries regarding this shop including handling products, shipping methods and payment methods please contact below by email, telephone or fax (N'sYARD does not accept within the facility). You can also contact us from the CONTACT page.
If you can not send us an email, we can not ship the item, please enter the correct email address.

Operating company : SHOUKEN Co., Ltd.
E-mail address : (24 hours reception)
TEL: +813-3692-9222 (business hours weekdays 11am - 17pm in Japan)
FAX: 03-4333-0742 (24 hours reception)

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