Hula Hula



缶ダルマ "Hula Hula"






Peace Flag Dog


Canister "Hula Hula"
size:95×95×120mm,material:Tin coating
From the cutting of one sheet of tinplate to the change of shape, the craftsman has made it manually. Paint it on an unprocessed can, bake it with a Japanese oven "KAMA" of 120 to 130 degrees, then paint it. Since it is carefully painted and printed manually, it has good color and taste.
The can feeling the handmade warmth not only adapts to the interior even when placed in the kitchen or the room, it gives some comfort.
Tinplate which is the material of the product is the same material currently used for canning foods, so not only there is no health problem for preservation of foods, but also the lid and the inner lid are double, blocking humidity, The light blocking structure makes it possible to realize an optimum environment to last longer foods. It is a beautiful can of outstanding sealing ratio and form with a flat structure without irregularities between the lid and the torso.
※After painting cans placed on the potter's wheel"ROKURO", then use a tool like drill to move the cans from the potter's wheel"ROKURO". At that time there are slight marks on the lid, but it is not a defective

・ Please do not wash with water.
Do not wash with water as it may rust if it gets wet. If dirty, please wipe with a soft cloth and dry well.

・ If it is hard to open, open it while turning the lid diagonally.
Since the can is excellent in the sealing property, the lid of the can may be difficult to open at the beginning of use. In that case, please open while turning the lid diagonally. When closing it, turn it diagonally as well. With the use, it becomes gradually familiar and can be smoothly opened and closed, and after use for a certain period, vertical opening and closing becomes possible.

・ If the can is dropped or hit on the floor, the paint may peel off or the can may dent.
Sticking a commercially available sticker or tape to a can may cause the paint to peel off. When opening the lid, hold the top of the lid and pull it up to prevent the secular change such as deformation of the lid. Please pay attention to the cut end of the can and handle it.

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