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配送:ポスター便 770円〜

N's YARDのロゴの入ったオリジナルポスターです。画像内の「SAMPLE」文字は、実際商品には記載されておりません。


ポスト投函ポスト便 250円〜
手渡しや日時指定の宅配便宅配便・郵便 550円〜
ポスターをご購入の場合ポスター便 660円〜
Tシャツを購入するならTシャツ便 0円〜



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Size: 728×515mm
Material: paper
Packing: paper box(We will deliver it in a paper tube wrapped and packed)
Packing weight: 130g
Packing: As shown in the image, the product is shipped wrapped in a paper tube (only one sheet is packed in the paper tube). One paper tube per sheet. If you order more than one, we will deliver the same number of paper tubes as the number of posters on one cardboard. Since the paper tube is not a cosmetic box but a shipping box, there is no decoration such as a photo sticker of the work (to prevent misuse such as resale).

Shipping Fee ( If you buy one of this product ): Asia 2900JPY, US 4960JPY, Europe,Oceania,Canada,Middle East 4150JPY

This is delivered in a paper pipe.It is an original poster with a N's YARD logo.The "SAMPLE" character in the image is not described in the actual product.

Even if the main unit fails when you open it, it will not be eligible for return. Please see below for details.
Please see below for the intellectual property rights of this product and prohibited items related to intellectual property rights.

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