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これまでのHandkerchief Eco Bagのリボンタイプの持ち手から、ハンカチとしての使い勝手も配慮された、リボンなしの新しい形に更新されました。持ち手となる縫い留め箇所はさり気ないイエローです。マチもあり、いざというときにエコバッグとしても使えるハンカチに仕上がりました。

底(マチ)と内部以外、全面に印刷されています。前面のみ N's YARD のロゴが印刷されております。



35 x 35cm (入数1)



ポスト投函の場合 ( Japan only )
折りたたんだ状態(幅約11.5 x 高さ約12.5 x 奥行約1cm)でお届けします。


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35 x 35 cm ( Quantity 1 )
Made in Japan, Cotton 100%, Weight 100g
It can be used as a handkerchief, or as a simple bag when needed.
Rather than using it as your main bag, we recommend that you put it in your everyday bag as a handkerchief and use it as a bag to quickly take it out when you need it.

White fabric. A design that repeats motifs from Yoshitomo Nara's drawings. The coloring of the drawing is N's YARD's original.

The ribbon-shaped handle of the conventional handkerchief eco bag has been renewed. It has been updated to a new shape (handle) without a ribbon. It is easier to use as a handkerchief. The thread on the sewn part that becomes the handle is slightly yellow. Since it has a gusset, this handkerchief can also be used as an eco bag in case of an emergency.

It is printed on the entire surface except for the bottom (gusset) and inside. The N's YARD logo is printed only on the front.

Since it is not lined, it does not feel stiff and has the perfect thickness for a handkerchief.

Forcibly stuffing the container, such as placing extremely heavy or sharp objects directly into it, may cause damage. Please note that items damaged after opening will not be eligible for return.

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