Tシャツ "Guitar Girl" white

サイズ:XS/身幅45cm 身丈60cm、S/身幅49cm 身丈66cm、M/身幅52cm 身丈72cm、L/身幅55cm 身丈75cm、XL/身幅58cm 身丈77cm


身幅(「身幅」とは、服のサイズの指標の1つで、袖の一番下の箇所から反対側の同じ部分までの長さを意味する言葉です。 右脇から左脇までを結んだ線の長さを、「身幅」と言います。肩幅ではありません)と身丈(後ろの首の付け根から裾までの長さ)を、お手持ちのTシャツや希望のTシャツのサイズとご比較いただければと存じます。

※綿ニット素材の特性で保存状態に よって1〜2センチの違いが出る事がございます。

T-shirt "Guitar Girl" gray

A fabric that has an appropriate thickness to match the Japanese climate, and the taste increases with each wash. A slightly loose, relaxed and fit pattern is used. In addition, it has excellent tensile strength and durability so that you can use it regularly for a long time. Delivered in a transparent OPP bag. Unisex.
package:OPP,Made in JAPAN,cotton100%
size:140/W42cm T54cm、XS/W45cm T60cm、S/W49cm T66cm、M/W52cm T72cm、L/W55cm T75cm、XL/W58cm T77cm

Precautions regarding size
In the case of this product, for example, the display size m is equivalent to XL for general ladies (notation is for men).
Width ("width" is one of the dress size indicators and means the length from the bottom of the sleeve to the same part on the other side. It connects from the right side to the left side. The length of the line is called the "width", not the shoulder width) and the length (the length from the base of the back neck to the hem) can be compared with your T-shirt or your desired T-shirt size. I know it.
Please note that we do not offer size suggestions to purchasers.
We do not offer a fitting service, so we recommend that you carefully consider before purchasing.

* Products in OPP bags may be folded and packed for delivery. note that.
* Due to the characteristics of the cotton knit material, there may be a difference of 1 to 2 cm depending on the storage condition.