Tシャツ "House on Head" black

サイズ:140/身幅42cm 身丈54cm、XS/身幅45cm 身丈60cm、S/身幅49cm 身丈66cm、M/身幅52cm 身丈72cm、L/身幅55cm 身丈75cm、XL/身幅58cm 身丈77cm

※別ページのTシャツ "House on Head" whiteより身丈が短いタイプです。生地に使用している糸も異なります。


T-shirt "House on Head" black

A fabric that has an appropriate thickness to match the Japanese climate, and the taste increases with each wash. A slightly loose, relaxed and fit pattern is used. In addition, it has excellent tensile strength and durability so that you can use it regularly for a long time. Delivered in a transparent OPP bag. Unisex.
package:OPP,Made in JAPAN,cotton100%
size:140/W42cm T54cm、XS/W45cm T60cm、S/W49cm T66cm、M/W52cm T72cm、L/W55cm T75cm、XL/W58cm T77cm